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1933: Henry Luc-Frimval took on the estate which was made up of only 8 hectares.

1957: James COT joined his estate to that of his father in law

1973: The wine is sold in bottles under the name Château Siffle Merle

1988: Franck COT, his grandson, helps his father on the estate

1992: New estate acquired called Château La Valade

1995: Adherence to the Independant Wine Growers

1996: Franck COT and his wife took over the family estate and created Vignobles MACAGE E.A.R.L

1998: Setting up of the barrel cellar and first ageing cycle called "Cuvée Prestige"

2002: Madam COT's family estate called Château Près du Bois becomes part of the family property

2006: Emeline, the daughter, joined the family estate to develop International Trade

2007: Crémantine, A.O.C. Crémant de Bordeaux: a new sparkling product in the range

2010: Our Sustainable Viticulture work's is symbolizes by our adherence to Terra Vitis

2011: 2011 vintage is certifies by Terra Vitis: an Independently audited and certified refime for Sustainable Viticulture

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